How to Upgrade from Linux Mint 19.3 to 20

I know we have some LM fans around this blog here, don’t we? And hey, if you haven’t upgraded yet coz you was too lazy to download the ISO and install everything from scratch, here’s how to upgrade elegantly …

omg! ubuntu! has the information you can  trust! 🙂

As usual the Minty team doesn’t like to be rushed, so it took quite a while for them to come up with an upgrade path. It’s as if they did it for the first time ever and needed to linuxmint20logofigure everything out. And if you look at the date of this article, it was just published 48 minutes ago. See how very super-up-to-date Orca’s little bloggy is?

I guess most of you guys in the meantime went the traditional way and installed LM20 from the official ISO file but maybe the one or other straggler is grateful for the good news now.

Have fun with your new Mint 20, guys!


    • Well, the Minty website isn’t one of my first choices when looking for news from the Linuxverse. You know with Clem avoiding the publicity and only posting every now and then and all that. So I always wait until I hear about Mint from 3rd party publicatons.

      In fact the only thing I wanna hear directly from Clem would be “Hey guys, we droppped Ubuntu and will focus 100% on LMDE from now on. Expect great things to come your way!”

      Up to now Sparky remains my Debian king. But I’m weird that way. 😮


      • It’s not normally on my list, just on a fresh install Firefox loads a custom page with the mint site on. Not changed it yet, to sunny outside to use a Computer.

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        • Don’t get me wrong, Mint has a stable place in my bookmarks folder, right on top of my non-Arch download pages. I have, like, 3 compartments: Arch and general distro pages and general Linux news. It’s just that I never look into the Mint forums or blogs.

          Have fun in sunny Engelandia, we happily accept your gift of cold and wet stormfronts now. The dams, the ground and all the gardens urgently needed a good sip. But please, be a good chap and don’t forget to switch the sunny weather back to us come Oct/Nov. We gotta need it to save the tourism industry! Pesky tourists expect sunny hot weather in Africa. And hubby and I, we can’t uphold the South African economy all by ourselves. 😮


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