25 Packages to Update


This was quite a huge update. It doesn’t happen too often that the boys upstream are sending 25 packages, almost 96 MB of data, down to my computer. So again I conducted a little test and made video of the update process and how long it takes on a reasonably fast fibre connection:

Cool, eh?

And have you noticed …

  • no terminal?
  • no need for password?
  • no stupid questions?
  • no further clickery
  • just quick and flawless update service?

Why are you still afraid of Arch-based Linux distributions?

You’re cool with Mint and other *buntu-ish distros, and kinda know what you’re doing? Then it’s time to take the next step!



  1. I actually find it easier from terminal (I thought it’d be nice to argue just for the sake of arguing) : pacman -Syu & poof you’re done in what ? 15 ? 20 seconds ? Less ? Because no gui’s involved, yep ^–^’

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