Prison: Days 99 – 106

Moarnin’ dear inmates,

just some worrisome local numbers:


Latest infected patient is our Western Cape premier Alan Winde, who just got tested positive for the coronavirus. :/ Now, that man, like most politicians is a senior citizen, so let’s hope the best he will make it out alive and well.

Latest Covid-19 case in the Western Cape: The sole white premier Alan Winde.

Now I gotta ask your forgiveness for being such a sloppy diary writer, not filling in my log for several days. But you know how it is, right, nothing changing much when you’re sitting inside your dwelling most of the time. The world could end outside our windows and we wouldn’t even notice. But what I notice right now is a heightened noise level, that almost matches that of non-crisis times. In fact when you look at the roads, it’s traffic as usual.

Battery charges since yesterday, so it’s hopefully strong enough to start Oubaas’ engine once. Please, only one time would be enough.

Speaking of usual,ย  me too gotta leave the house today and do some Oubaas bizniz. Arrange for a new starter battery, talk to the panel beater and my mechanic and and and … acting like nothing has happened like everything was back to normal.

How I expect the streets to be like right now.

But is it?

How traffic actuallyย  is. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Noooo, not by far, not even close to normal. Let’s face it, let’s face some facts, just Orca and Hubby’s facts, the facts of two spoiled “tourists” not been hitten anywhere nearly as hard as most locals have.

Hubby and his German nurse.

But we should be in Germany right now, or already back from Germany. But borders remain closed, no planes in or out, no plans for the future. No real problem, we have the routine: If SA gov’mt opens up the airports and German health insurance is ready for business again, we could be at the airport in 2 hours flat. Booking flights, packing our one-bag travel baggage, getting ourselves showered and clothed in travel getup, calling a taxi and off to the airport is a well-practiced drill for us.

We only need one bag

But that may be weeks, probably even months in the future. Meanwhile I’m slowly losing patience with my current computing situation, and have tasked my computer repair lady to look into MiniMax’s problems. Who knows, maybe she can get the old mobo fixed. If not she is the best source for priceworthy new spare parts which would open a gateway for a jump from Intel to AMD Ryzen. Would be costly but mmm, so lekka. ๐Ÿ™‚



Totally missed Day 100 of the lockdown but I guess we didn’t really need to fomo about that. Cause the sense of adventure with which most of us had entered the planned 31 days lockdown, the good mood, the We Can Do It! spirit of the first couple of weeks is gone by now and made room for a much more somber outlook on life for most of us, downright depressions for some, even death for many. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Here’s commiserating about the first 100 days of nationwide lockdown in South Africa:

What else?

Don’t despair people, don’t give up now. So far we all did exceptionally well; the fact that we can still write and read blogs is evidence of how well we all did!

One earnest word for my American readers: You know your gov’mt is lying to you, right? We receive some of the worst numbers from America, and your next door neighbors, who should share the same boat with you, have closed their borders for US citizens! You guys are considered unwanted immigrants! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Indeed you’re better off and saver with a much higher chance of survival when you’re a citizen of Mexico or Canada than as a US citizen. So guys, I beg you, please stay home! And if you’re currently travelling one of your neighbour’s or any other country … by all means STAY THERE FFS!!!ย 


This is no joke. Look at poor chaotic muslim shithole Morocco: Exceptional how they organized the lockdown. Not only for themselves but for millions of stranded tourists who missed the last ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar. For all the stranded van dwellers and desert rats and surfer dudes they organized mobile bakeries and convenience stores and water supply and toilets. Even electricity for when you don’t have solar panels.

The White House and its capitalist overlords, as usual, is downplaying the pandemic situation, they want to reopen the markets and get the economy going. A couple million dead consumers are no loss, a couple days of lockdown costs them money. And that is not acceptable for the US economy! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Laterz guys, me’s gonna grab my mask and my charged battery and will cast off now to get stuff done.

Stay healthy




    • You too, hun. I guess Covid-19 in Portugal has already peaked and you’re slowly recovering. That’s what you achieve with swift action instead of indecisiveness and a bias on economic profit, as so badly demonstrated by the USA. They are now going directly into the 2nd wave, before even recovering from the 1st.

      Portugal, Spain and Morocco are the true heroes of this pandemic!


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