The Upside of Lockdown

… is that we have an always full fridge …


It’s almost, like, magic or sumfink. And the bestest part is that we save money as well!

How did the eating/dining culture in your home develop during the pandemic? Better? Worse? Did you become a fat slob or keeping in shape? Much to my chagrin I gotta admit gaining the one or other pound. 😮

But I hope gyms are gonna reopen soon. They were the best prepared businesses to face the pandemic anyway, having removed every second machine, demanding members to book classes beforehand, prepared spaces for social distancing, areas to drop your weights after use and handing out one-way towels. Sauna and pool activities are actively fighting any viruses anyway, that’s why I wonder why they closed down all the pools and saunas.

And all those preparations for nothing. 😦



  1. My food shopping and weight haven’t changed.

    We’re into 2nd wave of lockdowns… Los Angeles County had it’s highest # of positive tests, hospitalizations, and ICU care over the weekend.

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    • Silber, ich bin ebenso entsetzt wie du, aber ich habe eine Erklärung für dich. Keine Entschuldigung, einfach eine Erklärung: Ich bin keine Küchenfee, und koche nur in den wenigsten Fällen ein komplettes Mahl sondern kaufe viele Fertiggerichte. Und die Schergen von unserem Foodlover’s Market kriegen das meistens auch ganz gut hin, schmeckiges Essen zu kochen. Und leckere Salate. Und Sushi, und Hühnerteile und mediterrane Vorspeisen. Und Sandwiches und Wraps. Und Pasta und Desserts. Und alles richtig günstig. Und der ganze Scheiß kommt dann eben ferig verpackt in Plastik. Gerade jetzt In Seuchenzeiten lassen die ihre Kunden das nicht selber einpacken. 😮

      Ich hoffe deine Esskultur ist immer noch ökologisch korrekt. Stefan und ich sind ja schon froh, dass wir nur einen Bruchteil des Verpackunsgmülls einer durchschnittlichen weißen SAfrikanischen Familie verursachen. <– Gutmenschen 😉


  2. The poor in America have bigger & better refrigerators than that. The poor use those for when the electricity goes off in a storm or hurricane for any length of time.

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    • Bigger yes, but better? I doubt it. Ours is a small 140 liter fridge/freezer combo with water dispenser and some nifty energy saving rating. Not too shabby for a cheapo South African/Chinese brand. Also we don’t need a bigger fridge since we’re living in the suburbs, not in the middle of nowhere. I usually get my groceries done on a daily basis, and never have seen our fridge full like that.

      So you see it’s nothing to do with poor vs poor but completely different lifestyles.

      I also prefer to be poor in Africa where we don’t need natural catastrophes to end up without electricity. We have greedy managers for that sort of shit. And the rich are hit by the blackouts same as the poor. We’re also thinking about getting a buncha solar panels up on the roof for when Eskom turns off the power the next time.

      Oh, and one can’t even say we’re poor, since the poor are living in shacks in informal settlements and have a distinctively darker skin than hubby and me. We are lower middle class jetset and have no debts. 😉


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