Convenient Warpinator

Hubby and many doubting Thomases were sceptical about the usefulness and reduced practicality of Warpinator. And they’re right, it’s in no way as practical as a real network, but also not nearly as difficult to establish.


Warpinator isn’t supposed to give you a full fledged network but a quick way to exchange files and documents between machines on the same LAN … mostly your own. This photo from just a few moments ago, shows how I’m sending some wallpapers from my main machine over to OrcNet. Just 2 wallpapers, but the network connection is so quickly established, putting them on a USB thumbdrive or sending an email would’ve been unreasonably disproportionate. Here I just had to open the Warpi on both computers and drag the files into the Warpinator main window on GagaMore. In OrcNet I just acknowledged the package … and done!

See, that’s what makes computing on Linux fun. Yes, Windows and Mac work well and can prolly do similar stuff but did you ever had the notion of “Hey, I’m actually having fun doing this” while working mundane administrative jobs on your Windows machine?

Know what else makes Linux great? Arch Linux updates! Look:

I know many Linux fans are also very weary of rolling distros, like Arch and some others. Particularly users of Ubuntu-ish distros are very sceptical and refusing to accept and use anything rolling but insist on point releases like Ubuntu and Mint.


Erm, guys …

That’s how we roll
Whoa! Don’t say Ubuntu’s getting kinda cool now? Welcome to the club 😉



  1. Funny waiting for Warpinator to arrive showed me how easy it is to run a Samba file server on a home Network. I have an old machine sat in the corner with most of my audio and some video on it now.
    Warpinator just sounds so much cooler.

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    • Thing is, Neil, we first thought hubby could watch movies, from our external HD, which I guess is possible with a real network, but no. All we can do is send files from one machine to the other. And no remote control of other computers in the network. 😐
      What can Samba do?


      • Samba shares the content of a folder or folders. I have wirelessly watched a film on my laptop from a tower sat in the loft. I can upload content too. I guess the power of both pcs matters. The server machine I’m using has an old dual core processor and 2gig of ram. If you have a spare old machine it’s very simple to set up on Ubuntu 20.04. right click share the file, it installs samba you set the folder to allow guest access. That’s it.

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        • Okayyy, so Samba is indefinately better and much more usefullerer than Warpi. Will turn Gaga into a server once MiniMax is back in action.

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