Pleez, Not Again! :/

Saturday morning, cold but not rainy. Perfect time to run some errands n stuff.


I’m slowly losing confidence in Maxim Batteries.

Fuxn battery too weak to get Oubaas started. 😮 So assuming the brandfukn new Alternator (by “Prince of Darkness” Lucas Electronics) isn’t broken yet, it must be the battery. How old is that thing now, 6 months or so? Ok, I put her through a lot but she was expensive and sold to me as Best in the Business.

My ass. :/

Tell  me if I’m wrong but I seem to remember that in the olden times, back in Germany, we had a battery in our cars … and that’s it. It was in the vehicle from day one to the end of times/scrapyard. According to individual driving styles you went through variouwhaaaaats sets of tyres throughout the vehicle’s lifespan but you never changed the fuxn battery! Right?

Here in SA they tell me a battery’s life expectancy is somewhere between 1 and 3 years! 😮 Whaaaat? 😮

Fortunately our fridge is full and we won’t suffer any shortages, so I’ll keep that lame slut on the charger until my next attempt to drive off under Oubaas’ own steam. Monday morning it will be. Until then we’ll do what we’re supposed to do anyway, we quarantine ourselves and save millions of lives. 🙂



    • And the Maxim brand isn’t even sub par African shite but they import them from Europe. Should be better quality. 😦


  1. Knock a hole in the roof of Oubaas, run a mast through it and attach firmly to the floor of Oubaas (IMPORTANT: make sure newly installed mast is a few inches lower than the requirements for bridges and wires). Next, add a boom that can be controlled with the Oubaas steering wheel. Now, Fuk that battery and sail Oubaas anywhere you need to go!

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    • Usually a good idea, since where we live doesn’t wear the nickname “Cape of Storms” just for fun. But unfortunately the winters are mostly really calm and the summer storms are mostly SE, so directions to sail to are kinda limited if I don’t wanna beat upwinds against the traffic flow. 😮
      I guess this has to stay a wonderful theory since it lacks practical application. 😦


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