EndeavourOS, What’s Wrong?

Hey fellow Penguins

May I direct your gaze onto this chart?

You know it just to well!

This is the weirdly inconsequential but still kinda true view at the recent Linux landscape, the cream of the crop, the tops of the pops. One-trick-pony MX, inevitable Manjo, the mighty minty green friendly cuddlemonster, the bad bad Ubu, the unfriendly Debbie, and all the usual suspects.

Much more interesting for me are #14, #18 and #21: All 3 are Arch systems, of which the best, Endeavour, is ranked below the two others. :/


Because unfortunately you are right!

Arch Linux users are indeed a super geeky bunch with no regards for usability and usefulness of their operating system. I betcha most of them guys aren’t even using Arch, or any other Linux but MS Windows for their daily tasks (gaming) and are just playing with Arch to have something overly complicated to solve non-existent problems and answering questions nobody ever asked. 😮 Because under normal circumstances Endeavour would be on #2, directly behind Mint on #1. Those are both n00b- and housewife-frenly distros, real workhorses and alround goody operating systems.

But no, it’s MX on #1 and pretty problematic Manjo on #2. 😦

Because, my fellow housewives, most Debian and Arch users are just snotty boys playing with computers, while we’re trying to find a suitable alternative to the old fukn Windows crap. And we’re very successful in that regard if I say so myself! Mint and Endeavour are super duper nifty, easy to install and operate and just giving us a good time … plus we can feel a little bit smug and oh-so-clever!

In so far is Karmi right and Arch is indeed nothing but a toy OS. Not in his sense but in so far as Arch’s niftyness is seen as an open invitation to play with it and find new and refreshing ways to break it. 😮

“Let’s clean this mess up, ladies!”

So, gurlz, your homework assignment for the next couple weeks: Surf as often as possible to Mint and Endeavour as you can. No need to download the ISO file or install on your hardware, that’s not how DistroWatch works. They just go with page hits of the download sites. Cool. So let’s hit the servers and topple MX and Manjo off the throne!

They say women are manipulative.

You ain’t seen nothing yet, my dear boyos! 😉


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