Prison: Days 97, 98

Aloha, just a quick situation report for now. Yes, I’m supposed to write my corona diary at the end of the day not in the wee hours of morning but … well, you know how life interferes while we make other plans.

About an hour ago, around 3:30 a.m. we heard an explosion. As always we couldn’t make out from where the sound came. Moments later the sirens started wailing! Unusual time for a test, so should be something serious. Half hour later police and fire dpt audible in the surroundings. But as I found out I was the only neighbour standing on their front lawn in their jammies, looking confused. Total silence in our complex. And no wildfire visible from here, no battle cries from direction of the smurf village, no shootout at the taxi rank, nu nuclear mushroom on the northern horizon. And it’s kinda cold at this time of the morning, so back inside we go. 😐

Will eventually read all about the nightly disturbance on the interwebz.

More important news from our little suburb:

Tssk tssk, lockdown is for everybody my dear! The pub won’t open just for you.

So, why didn’t I post my diary yesterday? After charging my world’s best battery for 24 hours – twice – no luck starting Oubaas. And battery still absolutely discharged. 😦 You know, one problem never comes alone, so neighbour jumpstarts me and off to the car electrician I go. And, right, as feared, alternator and battery both kaputt! No way can I start the van like that. 😦 Now I have an appointment with the electrician for a new alternator and special care for my battery. He told me he’s stopped selling that super duper brand long ago since they are shit. But he’ll take care of my warrantee.

Now is only the problem I must be there at 8:30 a.m. but my gut is telling me the car won’t start. 😦

How I muster the nerves to write my bloddy bloggy instead of crying myself to sleep is beyond me. I must be superwoman or sumfink. 😉

Broken computer will never get into repair shop when in a  broken van. 😦

Why must everything be broken? Fuksake, I’m paying tons of hubby’s money for various experts to sort my shit out; why does everything break, over and over again?

I hope you guys are doing better than your poor suffering editrix. Sleep well, sanitize, survive!






    • Me gotz a totally new Lucas heavy duty alternator. Was totally cheap and only 1/2 hour labour. 90 of your British pounds. I always thought alternators are very expensive but that was a nice surprise. And Mr Electroman said explicitly NOT to repair alternators. They cause more trubbelz in the long run.

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