The Consequences of Brexit :o

These are all adult people. It’s too funny how British exceptionalism almost matches that of America:




    • Everybody with more than two braincells to rub together knows that the UK is America’s bitch. They just did the empire thing more clever … when they still had one.


  1. I’m dreading the end of this year, because it’s looking increasingly likely that no trade deal with the EU will be agreed because Boris and his cronies would rather crush the UK economy – and reward all their hedge fund manager backers who’ll made loads from betting on that – than admit that they never had a clue what they wanted or how to achieve it. 😦

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    • There are two hearts beating in my chest regarding the Brexit. I’m a staunch European, love the idea … but hate what the administrators, commissars and lobbyists in Brussels are making of it. In so far I wish I’d be a Brit and could get away from that madhouse. But then seeing snotty idiots like Boris and nazis like Farage behind the Brexit and I’m all for “Remain”.
      Anyhoo, we’re as far away as possible from that shambles and fighting our own problems, But I prefer to stay in lockdown for 2 or more additional months over returning to Europa. ;/


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