Second Life Destinations – Vive La Paris

Oh Paris mon amour … grossly overrated town with not more sex appeal or romance in the air than any other major European metropole. But please, if you wanna be duped into thinking you’re entering a fairy tale city full of flowers, haute couture and finest french cuisine and wines, go ahead and visit Second Life’s Disneyfied version of it. 😐

Designed by longtime SL resident Trouble Dethly Crystal, Vive La Paris was built as a special gift by the creator for his girlfriend in Argentina. “
Whether it is her favorite song posters adorning the walls of the music store, the outdoor gallery of some my favorite images by her, to the cheese and flower shop and everything in between, the region is my love letter to her,” says Dethly.
Highlights of the region featured in the video include the Eiffel Tower, shops, cafes and an outdoor exhibit of Second Life photography. “
Initially, the region was only meant to be rented for two weeks like the other date experiences I have taken her on, where I would hire a couple of live singers for a private show…This time I even had a friend roleplay as a waitress so we could experience a full-service dinner. It was after this date that Ara and I decided to keep the region to share with others to explore, to use as a backdrop for their photographs, or even take their partner or friends for a full-service roleplay dinner.”
slparisVive La Paris is only one of several vacation destinations you can explore in Second Life. Take a look at this recent list of seven of our favorite virtual travel hot spots worth exploring from the comfort of home:…
Video Production – Draxtor Despres

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