Linux Mint 20: Three Desktops, But One Great Experience

Cool, very cool! 🙂

In this video the Old Tech Bloke explainifies to y’all n00bs …

  • why Linux Mint is so good for you
  • how easy peasy it is to install
  • how easy the switch from Windows to Linux Mint is
  • what the difference between its 3 desktop environments (Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce) is
  • and why and when you should choose which
  • and why it is such a favourite of the masses

Linux Mint 20 has finally been released with the usual fanfare and it’s time to see how so many people’s favourite is coming on.


Rather than doing a ‘nuts and bolts’ review of the distro itself, this video takes a first look at each of the three desktop environments that Linux Mint officially supports – Cinnamon, Mate and XFCE.


mintthumbnailThe distro itself is no surprise – well put together, beautiful to look at and a credit to the developers. New tools for file sharing across local networks make an appearence and the distro has generally had a spit and polish to tweak it’s already impressive look and feel.


What is equally impressive is the focus that Linux Mint have placed on achieving a consistent ‘branded’ look across the different desktop environments.


In fact, you have to look very closely at first glance to see what is actually different. In the end your choice may well come down to your hardware, as each DE has different demands – Cinnamon being the heaviest in terms of RAM usage and XFCE being the lightest.


No surprise there of course. But whatever you choose, it looks certain that your experience will be equally positive.


This really is one of the great distros out there, and it sets a very high bar for others that follow.


I hope you enjoy the video.

And now? You know you wanna, don’t ya? And Orca can help you. Just go here and get your own brandspanking new most minty Linux! And when you happy pengu on nice Mint, go and buy the old man a beer or grab some of his merch.

How to donate to the Mint project directly, or purchase one of their nifty mini computers I’ve shown you already often enough on various occasions in this blog, no?



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