Warpinator is Awesome!

Not just the most useful idea ever – but The Shit really worx!!!

And not just in Mint, not just in Ubuntu-ish environmets … no, even in ArchLinux and ArchLinux-ish enviros. This again shows why the Mint devs are the most awesome devs in the Linux universe and, eventhough mothership Ubuntu is installed on many more computers than Mint but Mint users are more happierer! That’s kinda like the difference between America and Denmark.

No idea what Orca’s babbling about? Look:

OrcNet and GagaMore suddenly feel a deep bond to each other. πŸ˜‰

The userfriendly friends of the user of the Linux Mint team came up with a nifty tool to build a home network between two or more computers, and do it quickly. No network protocol, no servers, nothing complicated. Not for us housewives of Linux. We just say what we want – and get it! πŸ™‚

Give me Warpinator speed, Mr. Sulu!

Just install Warpinator on each machine you wanna feel a connection too and … voila, they find each other and fall deeply in love. Just send the files you wanna send, accept them on the receiving machine, and Bob’s your uncle!

When childhood dreams become reality πŸ˜‰

I am particularly proud off the amazing ArchLinux user who already set warpinator up in the infamous Arch User Repository (AUR) and with that probably made Arch the second Linux family to integrate and use the Warpinator. \o/ Yay! \o/

No more USB sticks or external harddrives, just send your content and watch the magic happen. Can your Windows and Mac machines do that, too?

And now excuse me please, got some files to send 30 centimeters across my desk. =^.^=

For example the latest Korean action blockbuster, sent from our external movie drive which is connected to GagaMore, directly to OrcNet and watchable from there. I guess we can’t stream from our movie platter to a networked machine tho. :/Β  They’ll probably find a streaming solution in the next few weeks. Wanna bet?

PS: Will leave the big connection, from my study to hubby’s PC in the lounge, for hubby to do later. Me’s a good wifey what don’t fuk with manly man’s computerz. But, honestly, I don’t see any reason why the warpinator network shouldn’t work there as well. Here’s manual for hubby, what do do:

In Terminal do this …

[orca@GagaMore ~]$ yay warpinator
2 aur/warpinator-git 1.0.4.r1.g15ce1b7-1 (+1 0.09) (Installed: 1.0.6.r0.ga0bd55f-1)
Share files across the LAN
1 aur/warpinator 1.0.5-1 (+5 3.58) (Out-of-date: 2020-06-24)
Allows simple local network file sharing
==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)

Choose option 2, darling, and you’re good to go.




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