Prison: Days 92, 93, 94, 95 and 96


Slutty Orca bimbo. 😐

Shame on me. What a sloppy, neglectful bimbo I’ve been the last couple days. Is it enough of an excuse if I say I had trubbelz? I mean, don’t we all have troubles here and there and are fighting hard fights every day? What gives me the right to neglect my diary duty just because Oubaas wouldn’t start, both my expensive keyboards are broken, our new wooden table is already falling apart, only half stained?

Brand spanking new table: Kaputt! 😮

No reason not to stay up to date with the silent killer doing its rounds around the neigbourhood? Although as a healthy, well-fed white beach I’m still, like super duper healthy and churn out dozens of blogposts every day. So why no corona diary?

Brand spanking new battery: Needs charge. :/

Because, dear readers, because that topic is kinda as dead as its victims. Sorry to say but that’s the way it is.

Here at the fairest cape people have already decided to die from natural causes again, not from silly non-breathing, but screaming in pain and horror! 🙂

Weirdly calm and peaceful Video here! Fish and food living in perfect harmony.

No panic, nobody was looking down. Them surfers living in total oblivion of their looming death. And anyway, surfers aren’t on shark gourmet’s favourite list cause they taste too rubbery.

But ok, here’s a funny gif of today’s body count:


This is far from over! And it’s only the first wave, the brunt of the pandemic is still to hit … later this year, with a second, much harder wave following next year. So let’s stay frosty, guys. No reason to act haphazardly just because we’re bored with ourselves and have lost the ability to amuse and entertain ourselves and feel the irrational need to go out and rub skin with strangers.

Usually I would never suggest taking Orca as an example for leading an exemplary good lifestyle, but I guess I’m not doing too bad for kinda 3 mths of lockdown. Leaving the house only for when we need food and patio furniture or a new battery charger. Rest of the time we stay in and play with our computers, watching videos and movies and reading a lot and avoiding social gatherings wherever possible.

I wasn’t bored yet. Not for a second. Honestly.

Here’s a funny game for y’all: Last one on the Warpinator network is a lard ass! Ready … Steady … Go! Go! Goooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Last one is  sharkfodder 😮

You guys keep on surviving, ok?





  1. I keep saying that my 3yrs of hermitude, due to illness and depression, seems to been Life prepping me for C19. Honestly, if it had happened in 2016 I’d be going ape-shit from being locked down. But now it doesn’t bother me in the least!!

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    • That’s right, leendadll, exactly right. I mean what’s wrong with today’s society that people are so fuxn dependent on other people? Not on their functions in life, but just for being ppl? I mean, of course I need my car mechanic, my grocer, my friendly neighbour, and other ppl … but not for the social aspect ffs!

      Ok, I can see why other ppl react different from me, they had a different upbringing, with more social stimulus. They maybe had caring parents while I had my toys and books which taught me everything I needed to know to function in society. So I learned to just mimic what I thought was normal behaviour, and normal thought processes from the heroes in my books. 😐


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