Battle of the Giants!

Gud moarning frenly peepelz,

just found 2 vide-ohs about 2 of the Top 3 Linux distros on DistroWatch right now:

Let’s see how Joe Collins fared on the totally new Linux Mint 20:

Hmmm, Joe didn’t get it to run. WTF? Our frenly cuddly feelgood mintiest of all the Linuxes? Not running on the expert’s hardware? I remember housewife Orca got it installed without any problems. But I install, like really install, on the metal, and don’t try any geeky Virtual Machines trickery. So of course it runs. Linux is often better if you’re not a geek!

And then Tom has a look at the absolute numero uno, MX-19.2

… and shows himself thoroughly impressed by it. But again for personal reasons, as MX manages to drive Tom’s admittedly weird printer and some other stuff his usual favourite Mint doesn’t do.

As you know I’m not a fan of either of the two distros, again for my own reasons. I can fully understand why they are so high up in the DW charts, and if some a majority of my readers fall madly in love with one or both of them. All I can recommend for you is to try them out, they are both very good, very complete systems and well worth a short test-drive around the block before you follow Orca on her Arch for beginners path. 🙂

Battle of the Giants!

And that is actually my overall recommendation for everybody new to Limux: The shit is free to install and use, so make use of it! Download and install as many distros as you can get your hands on! It’ll cost you one A.M. of your not-so-valuable lockdown time, and afterwards you’ll at least have become an expert installer of Linux distros. That is something, no?

So, try at least one Ubuntu (Ubuntu MATE, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint, Linux Lite, elementary …), one Debian (MX, Sparky, LMDE …) and some Archy distros (Manjaro, Endeavour, ArcoLinux, Archman …) and whatever sounds fancy for you. Find all the yummy and less yummy distros, the good, the bad, and the fugly, on DistroWatch.

And try them on as many desktop environments as possible. I can’t stress this point enough: Unless you’re a true power user, a keyboard wizard, you want some comfortable Graphical User Interface to work in with mouse, trackpad, touchscreen and keyboard, and nicely, presented windows where you can find everything you need. And since Linux is not Windows you’ll find enough desktop environments with various forms of customization options or a very narrow-minded take-it-or-leave-it approach as we know it from Win and Mac.

And pleez let me know how it goes for you.


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