Hey guys, Neil and I have talked about this new function in Linux Mint 20 briefly, and I, aloof Arch user that I am, didn’t care a bit about this backwards Ubuntu shitology. But, come one, thinking about it the warpinator is probably the most useful function in any Linux distro, ever!

for casual file transfers between two computers …

You know the situation: “Hun, can you give me The Rise of Skywalker, please?” Without discussing why and what for our gf/bf/spouses need that shitflick, we usually quickly put it on a USB thumbdrive, or we take the whole external HD and give it to them … on physical media, right?

That’s kinda clunky and stupid, isn’t it? And time and again we’re thinking how cool it would be to have just a little local network, only between us and our better half’s computer, don’t we? For quick file sharing like that. And every time we’re stopped dead by our own lazyness. 😦

Well, warpinator is obviously another one of Mint’s clever, user-oriented, problem solvers. A intimate little network without all the connected geekyness and complexities of networking technology. And if  I wasn’t way too lazy and apathetic to read into it I could explain to you how that shit werkz. But since I am in fact lazy and apathetic I can’t tell you much more about Mint’s latest party trick.

I try the warpinator once it made its way over to Arch. And then I can hopefully tell you more.

I’m pretty sure Trap, Neil and other Linux fans can tell us more about the warpinator … down below this post, in the comment section …

Send and receive files in warp speed!




    • Wow! D
      Supidupi, Neil. Thx galore for the hint. But tell me please, what do I have to do to get it running? I’m not gonna lay cables throughout the house …


        • Naaaw, that’s too easy. You’re forgetting this is geeky Linux shit for geeks and nerds and computer people and astronauts and scientists. Just clicking an icon on both computers my ass. 😮
          You’re shitting me, you’re lying! :/
          Yes, you’re a liar, Neil. Liar liar, pants on fire! Can’t be that easy.


          Will try it later with 2 Arch systems, Endeavour and Archman. See how that goes.

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