Linux Mint 20: A Distro That Listens!

Still waiting for Linux Mint20? No panic, should be released any minute, hour, day now. All I can say for sure is Mint 20 will make its appearance before Santa. So, there’s that. In the meantime listen to Mint fan Tom and what he’s gotta say about all the new stuff in Mint, and the Ubuntu and  Snaps situation:

Linux Mint 20 has been approved and wow is it a distro. It gives us the same Linux Mint feeling, restored the traditional panel, gave us Snap and Chromium documentation, and another smooth transition.


lm20Meanwhile I still can’t figure out what Snap packages and flatpaks actually are, but seeing they are an answer to a question I didn’t ask, I’m quite sure I can live without that crud and  don’t need to stress about it.

Are those Snaps maybe only of interest for Ubuntu/Mint/Debian users? The better for this little happy go lucky Archy girly. 🙂

You guys will be alright.


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