Second Life Destinations – Pride Festival 2020

The latest “Second Life Destinations” video explores the new community event Pride Festival SL, which runs from June 24-28, 2020.
Dimitri Cloud (Juicy Mango in SL), who co-founded and manages the event with Eva Artemisia, organized the event as a way to bring the community together during the pandemic.
“We went through this pandemic worldwide, and we think that more than ever, Second Life is a safe hub, a safe place,” he says.
The theme for Pride Festival 2020 is “We are fire!”
Fire can be sublime and life-sustaining, a powerful energy that provides warmth and light. The colorful stages pop with energy against the desert backdrop, and so will your outfit! The organizers feel that it is so important to remind each other we are not alone during times like these, and we couldn’t agree more.
The event will feature parties with live DJs and music, shopping, gifts, and more. Check out the official Facebook page at for instructions on how to join the contests and raffles. There will also be a fashion show art gallery.
Not to be overlooked is the wide aisle leading to the center of the stage, which is emblazoned with the words Black Lives Matter, perhaps inspired by the street mural in Washington DC.
This event will also feature workshops highlighting the needs for mental and physical wellbeing that marginalized communities don’t always have access to.
Please visit their website at for more information, and we hope to see you there!
Video produced by Draxtor Despres
Founder: Eva Artemesia
Manager: Dimitri Cloud
Music Manager (European time) & Art Manager: Emerald Heartsong
Model Manager: LillyoftheVeil
Judge Manager: Clio Anatine
Event Manager: Audrey Guter
Event Manager: Dreamsphere Zeimer
Vlogger: Any Bergan
Photographer: Andybowie
Social Media Manager and Crashed Club Day Manager: Claudia Panthar
Music Manager: Xenia Stoop
Fashion Show Director & Security: Willilicious Georgette
Security: Tetsuo88
Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do that next year whithout the boyz? Asking for a friend. 😉

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