Linux Mint 20 Available to Download? Really?

Joey Sneddon of omg! ubuntu! knew it already 19 hours ago …
… only Linux Mint itself doesn’t know it yet and still offers version 19.3 to download. 😐

Come on Mr. Sneddon, come on! I know particularly as a snooping journo you can hardly wait to present version 20.04 to hit the download servers as the first website ever! But this was a bit pre-precipitated I guess. 😮

You and me and everybody knows you can’t push Clem and the Minty boys to hurry up and to release the probably most important and most anticipated Linux distro prematurely. It is their good reputation on the line here, and up to now they’ve managed to make Mint better from release to release so all us boys and girls out here in penguinland can rest assured we get the high quality Linux we’re so used to by now, and can count on it as our daily workhorse.

26.06.20,16:25: Only Mint 19.3 on the official download. :/

A thorough research of the matter would’ve cost you 20-30 seconds; at least that was the time I spent looking it up. And now Thar She Blows! readers and I know more than Mr. Hotshots Linux journalist. 😐



  1. 🙂 I tested out the beta version of Linux Mint 20 (both the Cinnamon and the MATE desktop environments) and I have to admit that they worked well. I only ignored the Xfce version of it due to the fact that I am no huge fan of the Xfce desktop environment.

    Personally, I have no intention of reverting back to an Ubuntu-based operating system.

    Arch Linux and Solus have met my needs.

    Besides, I love the much newer software (and kernels too) that I get with rolling releases.

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    • Zacly!
      But you know how humans are, Renard. It’s technical stuff, so they be careful and slow adapters. It’s the same with me and cars. The older and simpler the better. And we gotta admit Mint is just a very well-rounded packet, a complete system, and users don’t have to add or take away anything for day-to-day computing. And everything just works.
      There’s something very assuring and warm and save-feeling about Mint.
      I can claim how secure and save my Arch is, a thousand times, and ppl are still sceptical. And if I’m honest, I myself can hardy believe that my Endeavour hasn’t fallen apart yet. 😉

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