Window Washers


Mornin’ frens, me gotz a new story by our frenly local 100-words storyteller Laurence Simon, a.k.a. R. Crap Mariner in SL. Less reflective or clever but pretty funny this one is.

Read it! NAO!:


Window Washers

Leslie lived in a high-rise condo, and every time the window washing crew appeared, she’d put on a show for them.
The resident association complained that the window washing company tried to charge the building for overtime.
Not only did they take an extended break when they got to Leslie’s window, but they had to go back and clean it again.
Leslie paid the fines with tips she got from the window washers.
One day, while watching Leslie perform with a teddy bear and a zucchini, a window washer accidentally fell to his death.
He landed face-down, preserving some dignity.


Come on, it’s only 100 words. You can do it! I believe in you.

a teddy bear and a zucchini” That’s oddly specific.TMI maybe?


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