Prison: Days 89, 90, 91


Dear diary, dear frens

qiMy apologies again for being so tardy. :/

Despite running out of Qi I’m actually trying my best to keep this shit up-to-date, and yesterday I actually stumbled upon some “good” news regarding our all most beloved viral infection right now:

It seems black lives are replaceable and don’t matter afterall. 😮

I mean … how desperate must anyone be to volunteer for such a test?

Maybe so desperate:

At least is SA is not Guinea. 😐

Yesterday I was out for replenishing our food supplies n stuff and suddenly there was nobody at the doors of any stores to take my temperature anymore and I was lucky the bouncer lady hat 3 drops of hand sanitizer to share with me. Weird. 😐

But actually this all is no laughing matter as the bodycount rises to new heights:

Ya, I know, them just fat black mommas. But Covid-19 doesn’t know, doesn’t care, doesn’t discriminate!

And then there’s the suit wearers’ crisis, too:

Our thoughts are with you, Tito. But this ain’t America. Can we please take care of the economy after we’ve dealt with that virus thingie?

As every day I wish you all the best, stay healthy, save your kidz (if applicable), make the best of this shitty situation … for example by installing Linux Mint (for when you are new) or, better, EndeavourOS (if you’re sexy and cool). I think it’s the best way to spend your time, creatively and actually useful.





  1. Some US vaccine tests are moving into Phase 3 clinical trials already. I’ve worked in biopharma mfg, I’ve seen how info can be manipulated. I don’t plan to get a vaccine till at least a year after mass numbers have rec’d it… who knows what unexpected long term effects they could cause!?!?

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    • Zacly!
      As long as I don’t show any symptoms I don’t see no need to prick myself with a needle and push some unknown substance into my youthful 50+ body. The long term effects are frightening me. Remember all the Contergan/Thalidomide children with flippers as arms? Not that I plan to ever get preggers or sumfink stupid like that, but I’m just shying away from haphazardly introduced medicines in general.


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