Poor Dr. Fauci :(

Why spend money on virus research, when you can simply steal the results from other nations?

While the first is just a typical and well-known asshole move, to not do anything to save the people of one’s own nation, the second is a personal feud between Trump and  Fauci:

Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Texas) asked Fauci why the NIH abruptly canceled funding for the project, which specifically worked to understand the risk of bat coronaviruses jumping to humans and causing devastating disease.

Fauci responded to Veasey saying: “It was cancelled because the NIH was told to cancel it.”

“And why were they told to cancel it?” Veasey pressed.

“I don’t know the reason, but we were told to cancel it,” Fauci said.




    • I, too, thought Trump had sacked Fauci already. But probably only received gag order .:/ Doing your job well, being honest in public … bad for a carreer in white house.


      • Everyone thought Fauci was going to be fired a few weeks ago after he contradicted something the orange lunatic said. But someone with influence must have stopped it because Fauci was “just” kept off tv for a couple weeks.

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                • The Russians, Chinese and every other thinking non-American on the planet hopes he’s gonna be re-elected. Not only for the tremendous entertainment value – which is just the best in the world – but we’re super thankful you didn’t elect Hilary into office. With her we’d all be dead by now and our pretty planet just a piece of molten lava and charcoal tumbling around sol.

                  Trump we can deal with. Dangle a carrot in front of his nose and he’ll do everything for you. And his economic sanctions are hurting America more than the envisioned enemies. Russia got stronger with the sanctions in place and are by now a 100% self-contained economy. And with the sanctions all the enemies of the USA are more friendly among each other, helping each others out, getting closer, creating new unions, more trade contracts, a new silk road, new technologies and tech standards and slowly getting more and more countries to abandon the almighty dollar as international currency.

                  Good times. All thx to the Donald! 🙂


                    • Oh, you would be surprised about how many people don’t know shit about that. For 90% of Europeans and Asians and above all, Africans, America is still the absolute Numero Uno. And the World Police. No competition, no questions asked. Everybody wants to live there!

                      It’s clear as glass: Saddam has toppled the WTC and was using WMDs, and Assad’s bombing his own people with gas, so America had the moral obligation to intervene. Right?


                    • China virtually owns the US. We’re $1Trillion in debt to them and they’ve bought tons of land, esp in the most desirable areas (Silicon Valley and such). But, of course, most Americans don’t know that.

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