Politicians are Stupid, aren’t They?

Fukn  party-poopers. :/

Too stupid to understand the most basic principles of life they are. 😦

You know, usually we wouldn’t even need to encrypt our own data, if it weren’t for criminals and politicans. So for most of us they represent the same form of threat, the same uncouth mindset and the same meaniepoofaceness. And yet they wonder about the recent riots in the streets? How dare they being so fukn stupid?

Fukn dimwits! :/

This kinda reminds me on Obama, who once said about encryption “a compromise is needed.” Another dipstick who didn’t even understand the definition of the term privacy. Either my data is bomb save encrypted and private … or not. The definition doesn’t allow for any in-between status.

Limited Encryption Loophole my ass. :/

So again, for all you slow learners, a picture of a dawg:


That understood now?

Ok, bugger off!


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