Meet the Lindens 2020 – Oz Linden

Granny Saffia Widdershins with one of her interviews again …

Meet Linden Lab VP of Second Life Engineering Oz Linden in this special edition of Meet the Lindens, held June 24th, 2020 at 2pm PT/SLT, hosted by Saffia Widdershins at the SL17B Auditorium.…


ABOUT OZ LINDEN Prior to joining Second Life, Oz spent many years developing all sorts of networking code — eventually including contributions to the development of HTTP and from there to open source SIP (voice over IP). Internet Telephony turned into something of a corporate nightmare, so he looked around for something more fun. A friend who was working at the Lab recruited Oz to help with the open-source program. Since he had already played a little with Second Life, he thought that it certainly met the “fun” criteria but he had no idea just how much fun. Nine years later, Oz is responsible for Second Life Engineering and having the time of his life. He is proud to be working on a product that means so much to so many people.

Saffia grates on my nerves. Please, please, I implore you, give this segment to Berry. She’s so much betterer, confidenterer and competenterer than Mrs Widdershins.



  1. I suspect that if they gave it to Strawberry, she’d be accused of being too soft-ball with the other Lindens, as she herself is a Linden now. Draxtor is a bit further removed from Linden Labs, although his style isn’t for everyone, and in any case it would be nearly midnight in his time zone and I don’t think he works that hard!

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    • Yes right, Lindens interviewing Lindens would be too much of a circlejerk in a Linden production. But Drax is German, so nobody works harder than him. And midnight is just the right time for us Jerries, it’s when we’re the most productive and 147% engaged. =^.^=

      But then again, we’d have a Drax videos overkill. Hmmm … 😐


      • True, he does a lot of stuff in Second Life already, even moreso since the sale of Sansar (prior to that, he was doing most of his interviews there.) Not complaining, because I like his style and he gives interviewees space to speak while also asking good questions and keeping the conversation going.

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        • I don’t watch many SL videos, to be honest, Spiffy. Longform interviews aren’t for me. But I liked his short minute-long Destinations videos from all over the grid.


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