Totally Strange … *Update


In connection with yesterday’s little peek into EndeavourOS Cinnamon edition, I just made an update and before and after screenshots. Let’s see what we got:

Before: Kernel 5.7.4, Cinnamon 4.6.5
After: New Kernel increment 5.7.5, still same Cinnamon version, so we had already the most up-to-date version.

Can I say how pleased I am with the experience up to now? Cinnamon desktop and Orca will never be bestest friends ever but it’s at least my second favourite work environment after Mate, with many things that even make it better. But the unaltered Arch operation of the system, indentical to the Mate environment on my main rig, really is something. The unfuzzy, without many bells and whistles but simple and straightforward, powerful execution makes me feel safe and well cared for.

And as we’ve just learned from Tom’s video, the guys at Arch upstream do really take extremely well care of the system and – in extension – of us users too. For everyday mom n pop users there is really no reason to shy away from Archy distros. I’d even say the more hardcore, the closer to vanilla Arch, the better. The soft-boiled Manjaro with its abundance of over the top user-friendliness  is much more crash-prone than distros like Namib (unfortunately kinda dead), Archman and Endeavour. If anything goes wrong, help and a solution will arrive in a matter of days or even hours, not in weeks like we know it from Microsoft. And what can really go wrong?

Failed update.

That’s all. And a failed update won’t stop your computer from working, it’ll just stay on the same status it had before the attempted update. And then it’s just a game of waiting and tea drinking. And of continued usage of your awesome distro. 😉



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