Arch, Debian, and Stability

Morning Awesomites!

Do I have a video for you! Tom finally says it loud and clear which of his systems is more stable and kinda clears up some misconceptions about different Linux systems’ stability. and issues thereof.

Look! Watch! Listen!

tomarchdebWhich is more stable in the #Linux world? #Arch or #Debian? Today I will talk about my experiences with each and which one has posed fewer problems.

His fazit is more or less congruent with what I’m saying as well. Only that I’m a silly happy-go-lucky girl, a goody-two-shoes bishie and Tom is a productive professional. So I found my happiness on Arch, while Tom hangs on to the sloooow moving, super duper stable word of Debian.

Hardworking, dependable, always troubled Debian users carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

And so should you! Make your choice of distro dependent on your needs, not your fashion sense! 😉

More flamboyant Arch bishies don’t really understand the concept of “problems”.

Pheew, fortunately this Linux housewife fux stability and trusts in Arch’s ultra quick response and error correction facilities. When my computer, this one, the one I’m typing on right now, dies on me this instant … I’m back to writing this story on this blog in about 10 minutes.

That’s another way for a stable computing experience: Redundancy! Hardware is cheap as never before, and there is no excuse for not having 2, 3, 4 computing machines at your disposal at any given time. So of course I’m running Archy distros on all of them.



  1. 🙂 The major issue here is that Tom used the PPA version of Audacity; which broke when the system was updated. Tom would have been better off using the Flatpak version of Audacity.

    As he mentioned, Audacity also broke on Arch Linux and it was rectified quickly by an Arch Linux developer.

    Also, as an Arch Linux user, I can vouch for Arch Linux being pretty stable.

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    • “Tom would have been better off using the Flatpak version of Audacity.”
      Until somebody finally tells me what Flatpak and Snaps is, I won’t comment on the topic.

      “I can vouch for Arch Linux being pretty stable.”
      It really is, isn’t it? 😉
      If I had a server farm I’d run it on Debian because lazy but for everything else I’d use Arch.

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