Totally Strange Yet the Same ;)

Hi Pengus!

I know y’all are madly in love with your friendly Mint with the nifty Cinnamon desktop. Right? Yes, it’s a good choice, probably the best, if you use your computer as an actual tool, not a toy; if you just want a working workhorse system and not some geeky freakshow. Congratz on your good taste.

May I ask you to have a peek at this, please?


What you are looking at is the standard Cinnamon desktop I just installed on my test machine … it’s just not on your old and trusted Ubuntu fork but on something many newer and oder Linux users are very very afraid of: ArchLinux! 😮

But before you blow a valve please calm down. It’s one of the easiest methods to get Arch installed on your system and operate it: EndeavourOS. And anyway, lazy Orca uses it, so it can’t be that hard.


As mentioned already before, Endeavour is as easy to install and operate as Mint, comes with 8 different desktops and 1 Window Manager to choose from and shouldn’t give you any problems.

No, you really don’t need to use the Terminal in order to do anything, so if you’re at home in Mint you should quickly be acquainted with Endeavour as well. It’s like Arch for human beings. 🙂 Simples.

I promise your life will even be easier on Archy Endeavour since we just forego many of Ubuntu/Mint’s idiocies and do stuff while in Ubuntu the whole community has to … ugh. enough of that.


Please guys, do yourself a favour and do a test install of Endeavour and find out where it differs from Mint and where it differs to the better. Enjoy always the freshest packets and latest softwares.

How easy and fast a normal update is done I showed you already in an earlier post. And that’s the biggest difference in puncto operation. Other differences are only more operational speed and the good elitist feeling not to be a part of the lame Ubuntu infrastructure anymore. 😉




    • It’s Arch, so probably the latestest … lemme find out …

      /me quickly installs blender from the repo.
      sudo pacman -S blender …

      *magic happens*

      … 17:2.83-1

      Is that good?

      BTW, just checked AUR. Gives me same version, so must be latest.


        • \o/ HOO! \o/
          As mentioned before, it’s freakin Arch! 100% compatible, not like Manjaro which is, like, 73% compatible or so. 😉 And Blender is one of the better-known softwares, is it not? So in Arch we can assume a new version lands in the repo 5 minutes after the Blender project releases it … if they aren’t even member of Arch team and uploading it themselves.


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