Orca Gets Nothing Done :(

But TSB! Co-blogger, TrYC Race Directrice and boatpainter Bianca does everything!

After kinda falling thru the wooden planking, Orca whines and moans about the decreasing quality of Bandit boats’ shipping containers …
… while Bianca made a supidupi design for B22 sailors challenging themselves and trying their luck in the Hotlaps. BTW, Hotlaps coming to Triumphal soon. I guess Bianca will send out notes inworld and hopefully in this bloggy as well.

So, no, I was busy inworld, all the time I was logged in but I haven’t even managed to take my B22 out of the crate yet. 😦 But I commissioned Bianca to make me an EndeavourOS sponsor design for my B22. So you can see I’m not totally lazy. 😉

And as everyone should know, there is no money in Linux distros. The devs and maintainers are all hobbyists and can’t sponsor the wurstest race sailor in a kinda forgotten virtual world. So all sponsors you see in SL are more or less just roleplay. That’s why I decided to endorse a GNU/Linux distribution that you can download for free anyway. 😉




    • Love the Tux on the cabin and that you made the stripes on cabin darker. Or does it only appears as if? Because in the first few pics they were to light and didn’t contrast nicely from the rest of the hull.
      Another idea: What do you think of painting the cabin in the Endeavour colours, Purple and Orange? Just the cabin, not the whole boat! 😉



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