I Hate This Sorta Music

aliciakeysnpr… with all my heart I despise such American R&B nonsense BUT some of the artists are 100% musicians, oozing talent from each pore of their more or less dark skins. One of the very few musicians in that usually plasticky genre I can tolerate, and even adore to some extent, is the great Alicia Keys.

And it’s live situations in small, intimate settings – like the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts – where she really shines and proves herself.


In the business since 17 million years, still looks like a teenager.

/me <– green with jealousy


    • That’s prolly why I like her! Me no wearing makeup since the mid-80s.Yes, around my 20th anniversary as earthling I decided enough is enough and cut my regimen down to shampoo and bodywash and facewash. My skin finally was able to breath. It really shows in the smoothness and healthy look.


      • I’ve never worn foundation and although I lurve costume makeup, my office makeup always wore off in a couple hours. I am LOVING that C19 had reduced makeup wear! I think a lot of celebrities have turned out to look waaaay better without it!!

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        • Always nice when a international health crisis comes with positive side-effects. Although I can’t really see the connection between C19 and wearing makeup. Oh, maybe the facemasks will ruin the masterworks or, when sitting at home alone, there is no need for warpaint?

          And when any bish feels the need for Warpaint …


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