217. Slow TV; rainy and sunny canal cruising on my narrowboat from Lichfield to Fradley

Hey good morning peepelz!

Canal boater David just published a new episode of uninterrupted cruising, without music or commentary, filmed from a camera at the bow of his narrowboat. You remember I always blog these when he does them, coz they are friggin relaxing.

Watch and daydream or meditate:

A “slow TV” (real-time) bow-camera recording of the trip from Kings Orchard Marina at Lichfield to Fradley Junction on June 21st 2020. No music, all natural sound (intentionally, don’t ask me to put music on these; I never will). Recorded on a DJI Osmo Action as an experiment instead of my usual Sony AX33.
Got a question? Read this! https://www.CruisingTheCut.co.uk/f-a-q/
Boat & Filming gear I use: https://www.CruisingTheCut.co.uk/gear/
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Theme music: “Vespers” by Topher Mohr and Alex Alena, from the YouTube music library


  1. Hi Just built my first few pages on WordPress and decided to look at what others have done! Not published mine yet. Found it all very confusing and slightly stressful!

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    • Hi Mikeyman,
      why stressful? I mean, dependiing on what you plan to do with your WordPress (website, blog, commercial or private) should determine the stresslevel, not the simple tool in itself.

      Take for example my blog, which is a super simple private weblog, covering my Second Life virtual world adventures (less and less) and my dabbling in GNU/Linux operating systems (more and more) plus some private real life stuff. Since I’m quasi a pensioner I have lots of time to post more or less crappy posts, depending on my mood between 1 and up to 10 posts a day.

      If you need practical tipps and tricks and hints about blogging I can recommend Renard Moreau’s interesting blog:

      Have fun

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      • Thanks It will just be a blog about our new NB, but I did not find it easy setting it up……..but I have since realised my keyboard is playing up, so that may have something to do with it. Will buy a new one tomorrow! I will have fun!

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        • Oh yes, keyboard is essential for text-based communication, and we’re supposed to keep our tools in order. I’m following some NB channels on YouTube because I find it a fascinating lifestyle. I plan to spend my old days in a van, sell the house and go on the road. Canal boating, as much as I like watching it, is too slow for my taste, having been a sports sailor all my life and am used to “making miles” and mooring in many different marinas between Sweden and Greece.

          I wish you guys much luck and joy in your forthcoming adventures.


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