Prison: Day 88

Not even 5 minutes from our home …

Nigerian princes behind this?

That the taxi industry is fighting the pubic transport MyCiti busses with all means is a well-known fact but what’s that got to do with the latest and invasions is beyond me. 🙂 What remains is a weird feeling every time I pass that particular burned down bus station on my way to the car mechanics.

What I also don’t get is this:

Face Off?

I see this stupidity all the time within our darker population.The facemasks are supposed to cover mouth and nose you imbeciles!!! 😦

And in further news:

Lucy, you ok?

One good aspect of this newness, if there is anything good in it at all, is the eroding support for nazi president Bozonaro. Let’s hope this’ll work in the US as well, when people finally stand up and demand their rights.

And again I must compliment at least some African countries, the only, ones I know how they handled the corona pandemic. Morocco and South Africa were quick to close their borders and went into lockdown.

No matter the costs!

There is no other choice, as African countries are often very ill-prepared, so a rapid response was the only way to fight the virus: Don’t let it get into your territory in the first place and once it’s inside, contain it. Accept and offer help internationally, don’t steal other nations’ face masks, face the music, take action! Well done my north- and south African frens. I’ve heard Morocco acted exceptionally well towards their many hippies European and American visitors.

But let’s not get sloppy and stay at home when and if you can! The infection numbers are still rising and this is far from being over. Quite the contrary, as long as you’re not New Zealand you don’t need to fear the second wave since all other nations are still in the opening stages of the first wave! 😮

Look at little SA’s figures:

Orca’s home province is responsible for more than 50% of corona cases! 😮

Kidz, I dunno what to say. I’m tired of this lockdown as well, eventhough it’s handled rather lax around here and the traffic noises from outside are back to normal standards. But many stores and industries are still closed and I guess it’s for the better.

You stay healthy, alright?



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