Oh SNAP! :/

Hey Ubuntu and Mint, get a room!

Fuk do I know about Snaps and Flatpacks and how those new Linux packaging stuffz are called, and neither do I know what the shit is exactly. :/ Do I even need all that crap as a simplistic Archy Linux user? Must I care?

I just found it funny to see both articles in such close proximity.

As you know I’m using neither of those distros but I recommend Mint as the best allround operating system, not only for n00bs, but generally. So in case of any differences between the Mint team (people who really care about their users) and Ubuntu (Canonical employees who really care about their paychecks and making their product attractive for potential investors [Hello Microsoft] and fuk what the user wants and needs) I always tend to cheer for Linux Mint. I believe Clem Levebvre had good reasons to fork from Ubuntu and start his own, much better, thing.

Still, can somebody finally please enlighten me about snaps and flatpacks?



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