Forget The Verge PC Build Desaster …

Kyle – a.k.a. Tiny Hand – shows us how to fuk it up royally:

Who of us doesn’t fondy remember Stefan of The Verge trying to assemble a PC, and ending up with a cluelessly and wrongly hardly put together piece of electric rubbish (shortly after deleted by the Verge) and giving us some freely wrong attributed terms and that often quoted “Screw with confidence”.

I guess every techy YouTuber since has made the one or other spoof of that piece of involuntary comedy. I guess Kyle, respectively his “identical twin Lyle” did some as well. And now, bored during lockdown, he came up with something new.

Let me try to find the original somewhere, or some earlier spoofs:

It never gets old. 🙂

No shortage of well-deserved mockery, ridicule and malice

Paul, 100% gentleman, didn’t join the lynchmob but took some time before coming up with a reponse to The Verge’s totally whacko reaction.

And really, the original video was made by a crew of 13 people! Thirteen! 😮

Hah, found it! Ladies and gents, here’s the mighty Verge’s idea of how computers are built:

Oh jeeze … 😦


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