Beat Orca at Her Own Game

Simply buy this special offer and instantly turn into the coolest, most prettyful girl EVER!!!

Be taken serious by the cool geeks!


Come on! Not even 1 year old, smaller than Orca’s mini Lennies and brand-new directly from the manufacturer, and down from 1,000 to a lowlow 400 Woolongs! Dunno if these charmers come with keyboard/mouse (should be in the box) but they are so sexy you wanna buy that shit as Logitech wireless versions anyhoo. Then just add a 4k monitor and you’re the coolest men-murdering vamp ever!

Oh, and don’t forget to get rid of that Microsoft crap polluting your new machine, and put Endeavour Linux on it to make this nano-sized wonderputer really shine!!!

Buy it now, thank me later. 😉

Buy directly from the number #1 professional hardware manufacturer and look like be a boss!


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