Prison: Day 87

This was quite an exciting but exhausting day,  in SL and RL: I went on with staining the new wooden patio furniture and … I WAS INWORLD SL!!! And that stresses me out, sorry. I haven’t been on for a lengthy time so I found 3 fantastillards of group messages and IMs and spent most of my online time with chatting, as you can see in today’s earlier posts.

I mean, no, it wasn’t actually any hectic at all but I’m so out of it all, I was absolutey overwhelmed with following and contributing to the local chat and answering IMs in the background and organizing shit and and and …

Anyway, I managed to survive and was just about to buy Ana’s new Bandit22 when she told me I must check my inventory …

\o/ YAY! \o/  

I’m the proud and grateful owner of SL’s newest hot little boat!

Dankie Ana xoxo

\o/ YAY! \o/


First thing I did on my new parcel was digging a little rez spot for my new B22. But no time to unpack just now, will do tomorrow. It’s good to live on the beachy side of Route 12 anyway. 😉

I guess that’s it for today. Not much more to report, gotta check RL now.

Stay at home and stay healthy, frens. SL is a good way to get out and about and do action stuff … without leaving your RL home and break the lockdown, isn’t it?

cya tomorrow



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