Inworld Second Life

I did it! Bought a new parcel, 1,024 m² in Ingolfur on Route 12 beachside:

This is still full of shit the property agents have rezzed there.
Looks nice n all but I wanna rez my own crap if I may, please.
Much better. For now I left the walls, some plants, the driveway and the hot tub. Shit will be gone soon!

I had an eye on this parcel for quite a while, and today I finally dropped my Woolongs on the table and said “YES!”

Will try to get the two mini parcels directly on the side – 48 m² and 32 m² respectively. Just need to persuade LL to sell them to me.

These two parcels would fit nicely into my parcel since I bought it for my group. Clever, eh?


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