Antifa in SL

Oh dear, this is bad and sad. 😦

TYC Group Notice and the fascist group opened

Got Group Notice from Tasha Kostolany, who stumbled upon a German rightwing nazi BDSM sex group (Tasha, we seriously need to talk about about your chosen pastimes and lifestyle) and wants everybody to file an Abuse Report about them. Read the message in the group notice:

Help -> drag down to Report Abuse
:Category Intolerance
Abuser name – Dinna Leissa
location is Linke Fotzen zur Freien Benutzung
Hate Group prtetending to be a sex group

The offending nazi group’s info
Automated reply by Linden Lab missed the topic

Did I read that right? We won’t even get to know what became of our Abuse Reports? Thank you LL, that’s not good enough. Because if you don’t act accordingly and your American police neither, well, the group is German and what they are doing is highly illegal in Germany. This ain’t roleplay. It’s pure hatecrime!

So if you’re too spineless to do anything, our police will act!


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