Ana’s Bandit 22

Oh my, I’m so out of touch with everything Second Life right now, it needed Bianca to tell me about Ana had a new boat launched: The Bandit 22 is a bit smaller than the B25 but on a new windmachine and looks much nicer, too. Gone are the awkwardly wrong proportions that made a normal sized sailorgirl look like a fukn dwarf on that boat. Mind you, I am a totally average 50% height (1,82m) and shouldn’t appear like a toddler on what’s supposed to be a small cabin cruiser.

Bianca already made some nice designs for the B22. Will ask her to paint my boat in EndeavourOS Linux design … once I got one.

That has always been my main point of critique but Ana has got it very right now! See, I’m sitting in the cockpit and my upper body is clearly visible … which means my girly can watch out across the cabin roof, as is normal. 😉 And I can chat with Viv, standing on the dock.

I’m really liking the new Bandit. Will do a test cruise tomorrow or so. Too bad my graphics are so far below par, I wouldn’t dare publishing anything on my blawg. 😦

And then I accidentally catapulted myself to Dutch Harbor’s main landing point and couldn’t get back. 😦

But today I went to Dutch Harbor again, were I met Liv. And after a while masterboatbuilder Ana came along as well.

We talked for a while. Why I don’t have pics of Liv and Ana? You have any idea how stressful SL is if you wanna get stuff sorted but are hung up in local chat and IMs?
Then I got a screenshot of the B22’s first ever racing fleet. They had their inaugural race during the Sailstice 2020.

I couldn’t find the B22 in Bandit’s MP store, so you better get to Dutch Harbor if you wanna purchase Ana’s newest little boat.

Then some idiot let one rip and I needed to gather some excuses for why I needed to leave so suddenĺy. 😉





  1. It was certainly nice to run into you in-world again. That happens way too rarely these days. As I mentioned when we chatted, it always brings up memories of the races we organised at Mowry Bay. Thinking of it, I still remember Reia pitchpoling her Fizz, after outmaneouvring Miwha in a brillant way, or that idiot that rezzed a boat on our startline and kept us busy for a while. Or just us plotting and scheming. 😛

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