Prison: Day 86

Hello my fellow inmates,

just a heretic thought I just had: If I was able to venture out and get some cheapo handcrafted patio furniture – which I don’t really consider essential – are we still supposed to call the current situation a Lockdown?

I guess, I don’t know since me’s no doctor, but I guess after nearly, like, 3 months in very undisciplined lockdown and bad women hairstyles and neckbearded men all around, it’s kinda save to say that if you’re not sick by now, you won’t get sick during the next wave neither. So we survivors, we huddle together and rub our skins with all the other peoples and go shopping and keep social distance … or we don’t.

Anyhoo, our new seating on the stoep:

Too bad we don’t drink anymore, this would make a nice beerdrinkers’ hangout for our very own Oktoberfest. 😉

Yeah yeah, shit needs to be stained. But it really looks like it’s gonna start to rain any minute now and I don’t wanna ruin the freshly painted surfaces with raindrops. :/

Oh, and btw, our friendy neighbour helped me schlepping the heavy stuff into our garden. Social distance my ass!

Woah! Sun’s coming through, my chance to stain …

Laterz guys, and do good!

Pretty late LL sent me the official invite to the SL17B festivities. Isn’t today already the second day?



  1. If you wouldn’t get sick during the next wave, how would there be a next wave?

    I know people who are still counting off “quarantine days”, despite everything around us being open, and they’re on a multi-state road trip! Hardly “quarantine”!!!

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  2. I know there be a next wave when they extend the lockdown and setting the levels up again to 4 or 5. And all now open shops will be closed again and the sloppy impatient people will get sick and die. That’s the next wave then. 😦

    LOL, multi-state road trip? Yes, I’m watching a lot of US nomadic van dweller videos on YT and I see them all driving around. Often out of necessity since state parks are closed and on BLM land you can only stay for up to 14 days in one spot. Here in SA I’m not supposed to do much more than just leaving the house for essential stuff and not cross into other provinces neither. But they don’t have enough police here to keep us all in check. If I wanted to go on a cross country trip, I guess I could.


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