Prison: Day 84 b, 85

I’m stupid. Why do I write my logbook at 5 am in the fukn morning, before I even know what the day has in store for me and will be about?

chamfenceFor example yesterday … I was just about to leave the house for errands when I noticed *SHRIEK! a fukn chameleon on the gate. Gawd, I hate those things. But they are kinda fascinating as well. So I walked back into the house, grabbed the Canon and went out again and, yes, the chameleon was only 10 centimeters from where I saw it first. Obviously in a hurry. 😉

And yes, you’re right. Our house is tiny. 😐

But have a look at Orca’s latest cineastic tour de force, a regular masterpiece. I mean, look at it: 90% of the time out of focus, shaky camera, hectic cameraperson, no plot, no character, no drama … must be art. 😉

Chameleons are slooow. I saw this one on the gate, walked back into the house, got the camera, and when I returned the fukka didn’t go far …

Eeeeew, what crap! 😦

Aren’t they supposed to be in hibernation underground by now? Weird, as I saw a baby gecko not even  two minutes later. Maybe the rain of the last couple days revived our garden, flora and fauna and tricked them stupid lizard brains into thinking it’s spring time again. Dunno, don’t care.

So today I’m going out again. Fuk da lockdown. Nobody’s taking it serious anymore, life is almost like normal again, only everybody looks like a bank robber and at every shop entrance you get a spritz of sanitizer and they remotely measure your fever. 36.2°C, all ok with Orcsi.


In the Telkom store two bitches were fighting, I guess one of them the owner of our local Chinese takeaway, the other a bonafide Karen. 5 or 6 security guards were standing around doing nothing while the other woman became unhinged and shouted at everybody.


A clerk came out to the people waiting in a loose cue and asked what we wanted and left the woman in front of me into the shop – where the shouting was still going on. And then, all of a sudden a big burly black fucker started shouting at the Telkom lady why she left the white woman in when he was here long before any of us! 😮


Ugh, why then didn’t he queue up with the rest of us? And while a second shouting duel unfolded I just mumbled “fukkit!” into my sweaty facemask and went my merry ways. Will try my luck again today. Maybe.


Other than that I’ll flatout refuse to write anything about the day upcoming day.

And you kidz, stay at home, keep your kidz at home, bake a cake, install some Linux and be excellent to each other. Not like the human garbage I had the unpleasant privilege to witness yesterday.


Be good little angels





    A lot of local wildlife seemed out of sync due to the lack of people for awhile. But as of today, I think all of SoCal has been allowed to reopen (nail salons, tattoo parlours, and cosmetology srvs were the last) – with social distancing and face masks required in all public spaces. Given the infection spikes in other states, we’ll prob be locked down again in a couple months. But, gawd willing, the 1st to go will be dotard and all the unmasked idiots at his rally tomorrow.

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    • “dotard and all the unmasked idiots”

      I don’t get him, at all. I mean, I get him and totally understand his tactics but I don’t understand how Americans voted for him, against their own best interests. On one hand he dismisses the dangers of Covid-19, on the other hand he wants to be celebrated as the hero president who brought his contry thru the pandemic and saved millions of lives. That guy wants everything … without committing to anything.

      Same as most of the other leaders of the “free world” he’s nothing but an unfunny, possibly deadly, joke. 😮


      • Your last sentence nails it. As for the people who voted for him, and those who still support him? I have no f-ing clue. Racists and those who wish the world would stop progressing???

        As much as the idiot claims no fear nor risk of covid at his events, all attendees have to sign waivers saying they won’t sue him or his brand if they get sick. I’ve heard farmers, who openly admit his foreign policies destroyed their businesses and life savings, say they still support him. WTF?????

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