Prison: Day 83, 84

Oh man! :/ Fuggn bimbo. Nothing to do since weeks … but not even able to maintain a daily logbook! What a arsefugged loser! 😦 Grr!

Do better, dear reader, I dare you! Do better or stfu!!! Ok? Is that understood? As you know I create or steal content for this blawg each and every day. At least since this coronanonsense started. Each and Every Fukin Day!!!

Yesterday was quite hectic, I can tell you. Had a full list of stuffz to do and purchase and organize and then … Oubaas died on me in the parking lot. Refused to start so I noodled until my fingers hurt and the battery – my brandnew superduper elite extra expensensive starter battery – went dead. 😦

So instead of doing this …

… I called my mecha but he wasn’t able to start the motor either 😮 So he took the battery to his workshop and charged it for a couple hours and then charged me for a couple hundred African Woolongs. And Oubaas did start. I hope he’ll do so again today. Just to be sure I will buy a charger thingie today! So, basta!

But before I go out into the African wilderness I have a blog to fill with exciting shit, don’t I? And talking about my commitment to block around the clock and shit …

Blog around the bog!

Anyhoo, you guys keep on surviving, ok? I guess altogether we didn’t do too shabby up to now. Or did we lose some  readers? I mean to Covid -19, not to natural causes like totally understandable being-fed-up-ness with this blawg.

We’re all healthy, ya?

Let’s keep it that way by staying at home, self-sanitizing (for once don’t be  a gud gurl, don’t swallow), and only venturing out for essential stuff (medicinal goods, patio furniture, battery chargers, panel beater appointments) and being excellent to one another!





  1. I just received news that I someone I know has died. Well before his time. Not to Covid, but due to natural causes including substance abuse and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. The Covid scare will definitely not have helped there.
    A month ago we had another death: stopped taking his medications after the doctors had told him he didn’t need to come in for his regular blood tests during Covid.
    It makes me wonder sometimes if the Covid measures don’t cause more damage than the virus itself.

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    • He thought during the pandemic he doesn’t need to take his regular medication? Seems to me the old meaniepooface Darwin is the biggest killer here. 😮 Evolution doesn’t work for everyone. 😦 Or, let’s say it works for everyone but not in everyone’s favour.


      • Well… this was someone who has people who would otherwise be able to take care of him and keep an eye open concerning his mental health. Apparently he could not do without them.

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        • Ouch! 😦 Why wasn’t he with his caretakers? Isn’t that regarded an essential service, in his case more than just essential but critical for surviving. Oh man, are they doing German bureaucracy in NL now? Last time I checked you guys were cleverer than we.


          • “It makes me wonder sometimes if the Covid measures don’t cause more damage than the virus itself.”
            Naaaw. I’ve heard the lockdown and social distancing saved millions of lives already. And everywhere they lift the restrictions and go back to normal the infection rate goes up again. 😦


          • Well he wasn’t in a clinic at the time I suppose and if they don’t consider his situation crritical they might not worry about him until it’s too late.
            This week I also heard of some guy we know that died. My feel is that Covid didn’t really help him as a former drugs addict to stay clean.
            There are too many mentally vulnerable people who are left to themselves now. And the damage is substantial. In physical healthcare you’ll also people who die due to lack of proper care now, of other causes than Covid.

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