Prison: Days 81, 82

Morning quarantainers of all creeds,

first let me say sorry for being so sloppy and neglectful with my corona diary but lately I really don’t feel it anymore. The novelty effect of this supposedly novel virus did wear off quickly, didn’t it. What is there anymore to say and do for each of us?

In other words: Fuksake, don’t be like Orca! :/

Sitting a home, washing our hands compulsively, watching the increasing numbers of the bodycount and waiting for the day when we’ll finally get the good news: A vaccine or cure has been found and worldwide roll-out is starting any minute now. 😉 Or the Covid-19 virus has killed itself and the pandemic is ending due to natural courses.

So many suicides. 😮

And that’s the worst in the current situation: Nobody knows shit, everybody knows fukall. Humanity doesn’t have the slightest idea about how to beat the pandemic in any other way than just stay at home, wash our hands, wait for the miracle and wear our masks. Which is what I’m gonna do today again since I need to take Oubaas for a little ride down to the drugstore, the Telkom store and to the grocers. Yeah, need foodies and drinkies again.

Ordered the compulsory 3G landline in March … *crickets

Oh, and after that I’ll do a bit longer ride-out in the hinterland, charge the battery and check out a nearby panel beater. Maybe they are open, passing the time with stock taking, cleaning the shop floor and are up for a chat with a charming young fairie old hippie hag. I finally wanna start getting Oubaas prettyfied and I guess all the workshops can’t wait to start bizniz again. Won’t hurt to at least talk to somebody and ask their opinion regarding putting a hi-top roof on and a kinda clamping co-pilot space for hubby’s wheelchair.

This we already have made for us, now we need something more better.

But anyhoo, first order of bizniz: A nice splendid long and hot bubble bath. Showering in the backyard is not so nice anymore since it got pretty cold during the last couple days.

Splish splash:)

Just waiting for the maid, when she’s here I can leave for an enchanting antemeridian full of adventure and magic.

This is my everyday look. Of course I better go undercover today, change into some more mundane clothing and hide my wings, else the panel beaters won’t take me serious and will try to screw me over. 😐

So guys, like every day keep care, don’t get infected, don’t let people sneeze on you, don’t send your shortleggers to school or kindergarten, sanitize your hands and ffs, finally install Linux on some piece of outdated hardware! Try Manjaro, it’s a really really good starter into the fascinating Archyverse!



Better, much better. Now nobody fux with me!


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