€255 AMD Ryzen 5 Mini PC WITH RAM & NVMe This one is GOOD!

WHOA! A good ultra small form factor desktop PC! No more compromises, latest AMD technology, power like a big desktop! Perfect Linux tester for you guys!

Lookywatchee …

T-Bao MN25 Mini PC Review, this comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, 256GB Intel NVMe, Windows 10 Home and can run two 4k60hz monitors. The best part it’s $289 USD / 255 Euros with this coupon: BGSPMN25 here: https://www.banggood.com/T-Bao-TBOOK-…
00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Unboxing
01:05 – Build & design
02:37 – Internals
4:34 – Bios with interesting settings
05:42 – Windows 10 & devices
08:02 – Benchmarks
11:18 – Video playback tests
12:15 – 4k video editing & export test
14:46 – Thermals & fan noise
15:28 – Large word file test
16:31 – Gaming tests (GTA V & CSGO)
17:38 – Linux test
17:59 – Recap with Pros & Cons
T-Bao Mini PC MN25 specs:
AMD Ryzen 2500U with Vega 8 GFX
4 cores & 8 threads max turbo 3.6Ghz
8GB of DDR4 2666Mhz RAM included (2x 4GB SODIMM sticks)
256GB NVMe drive (Intel)
Windows 10 Home
Realtek WLAN (Wireless AC with BT 4.2)
Gigabit LAN port
SATA3 2.5″ HDD/SSD support
HDMI 2.0A, Displayport 1.4A
USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 4
3.5mm mic and line out audio jacks
13.5mm x 13.5mm x 55mm
Sells for $289 USD or 255 euros with coupon (Above)
Of course you can find cheaper, much cheaper hardware. The goodwill store right down the street is more than happy to sell you some crappy, not even tested, dirty lappytoppy, complete with some old porn and crusty semen on the screen … but this thing is fukn brand spanking new and reasonably up-to-date tech!
And it’s faster and better than Intel!
And look at the price. Look at that price!!!


  1. Hi,
    When clicking on that link, the prize is slightly different (US$349.99).
    On the other hand, I apologize for not replying to your proposal about unboxing and making a review of the Slimbook One V3 a few days ago. But I’m still hesitant about buying it or not. I think I’ll wait for V4 and the Intel’s 10th generation (instead of 8th).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello again Pedruchini,
      the price Chris gave in the video is with coupon. You prolly need to use a code or sumfink.

      About Intel’s 10th gen, I’m quite sure they are fantabulous chips … but right now AMD is better in every aspect from all I hear. I’ll make sure hubby and me’s next laptops will be AMD powered.

      And waiting for the next gen before buying a computer … you know there is always a next model coming, better, faster, more nifty. Waiting for the next model means you’ll never buy anything and never get a new computer. We buy what’s good and right in the very moment when we buy it … and then we stop caring, and looking at new tech, just to avoid frustrations. And then we only start looking at new tech a couple weeks/days before we buy new stuff.

      Or, like I do now, when I need an additional machine, I go to the Lenovo outlet and buy what’s there in my price range. Gaga and Gagamore I got from there and they are cheap and good. 😉


      • I mostly agree with what you say, but Intel’s 10th gen is already among us:
        It’s just that I prefer to give my money to a company that supports Linux, and I want a computer fully compatible with Linux.

        There’s a lot of buzz around AMD recently, but it depends on what you plan to do with your PC. I’m not a gamer and I’m not going to buy a gaming computer. For gaming computers it seems to be a blowout win in AMD’s favor, but I doubt there’s a difference in terms of performance between an Intel’s i5 and an AMD Ryzen 5.

        An Intel i5 will be more than enough to enjoy your blog every day.

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        • “An Intel i5 will be more than enough to enjoy your blog every day.”

          Of course it will! Considering that this blog was produced on Gaga’s lowly i3 for a while. But with Intel’s procis,we just pay too much. And the new gen of Ryzens seems to blow everything out of the water, for still better prices than Intel gives us. Lenovo and Asus already have some models out by now, so the new gen Ryzen is also among us.


  2. I’m not an expert, in fact I don’t know much about computers, but for an end user like me, the difference between the two brands seems to be negligible. AMD processors are, of course, cheaper.

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    • Oh well, the battery life is better with Intel, I’ve heard that before. But since I’m looking for a replacement mobo/CPU/RAM for MiniMax, my desktop gaming and production computer, I don’t care much about the energy saving side. And all those names and model numbers confuse me, like totally. I guess when we’re in Germany the next time I’ll try to find a computer store – they are decreasing since years – and will ask the guys there what I must buy.
      So far Intel’s always been good for us, and they work fine with Linux. But so does AMD. My guruine, who brought me to Manjaro when I was a total noob, swears by AMD.
      The two new Ryzen chips, for 99, respectively 129 US$ seem to be astonishing and punch in way above their league.

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