US is an Asshole!

As so often. 😦

Jeffrey made Assad an offer he can’t possibly refuse. Mafia much?

WTactualFuk? Who do the US think they are? And do they honestly believe their shake down methods will go unnoticed? Look at  that face, people, and remember hell has a special place reserved for him! 😐

Such hubris, they even admit freely what kind of bloodthirsty hegemonial aholes they are! 😮

Any other country still member of NATO? You still believe you’re defending democracy? As if Obama, Trump, and any of the EU bigwigs would care the least little bit about fukn democracy. After this admission? Y’all wanna be gang members and robbers? Shame! :/

At least the Syrian people know exactly who’s responsible for the “civil war” and their bad economy.

Slowly it’s just tiring and frustrating! It pains me to even think about any modern conflict all over the world. Know what? Humanity ain’t that bad, at least not as bad as the narrative tells us. It’s just some superduper @$$holes in Washington D.C. to blame for every conflict and every war in the last 75 years.

And we, fukn €urotrash, swear them allegiance and you, American readers, pay them a lot of taxes so they can go on with their selfish warfare. 😮

“Oh Shiiiiit!”

How much longer are we gonna watch their bad theatralics before we stand up and say FUKN STOP! ENUFF IS ENUFF!, we won’t be the badly misinformed and brainwashed silent enablers anymore?


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