Law and Order

Deading a stinkin’ hobo … my heroes! I love them sooo so much. 🙂


And the guy who called the police … about an obvsly drunken or drugged dumbo. What a model citizen! So proud of them. 😦




    • \o/ Hoohoo! Sammie! \o/

      Good to read you again duhling.;) Can’t say I’m missing inworld much these days. Weird, here we are, having more time than ever before hanging out in SL and I can’t even muster the energy to log in. And then having no graphics card doesn’t make the decision to log in any easier. When I’m inworld I wanna snap some technical ok screenshots but without my trusty gpu it’s all shit. 😦
      Hope you having fun and are healthy in RL. Macron and Merkel are really going apeshit crazy right? Girl, I’m just sooo fukn happy we’re not in Europe and can’t go for quite a while anyway. Maybe this year we’ll have the privilege to visit Germany in winter. 😮 Ooooh brrrrrrr.

      Have fun and sanitize! 🙂


      • I’d rather be here than in the other place, that must so suck right now I have a friendin in a stink boat on the baltic right now so pretty much no lockdown left in mainland europe and UK is the strictest and with by far the most deaths go figure You don’t want the Baltic in winter, ask Noodles….hugzzzy wuggzy

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        • LÖOL, hunny, we go to Hamburg which is pretty close and in the middle between north sea and baltic sea. Which means mostly no romantic snow but lots of cold sea wind, lotsa rain and just uncomfy weather. Imagine London. 😮
          Hmmm, otoh it’s good when it really takes so long until we can travel again. Coz we both don’t feel like leaving.
          EU and UK are crazy. Almost as crazy as the fukn USA. They are lifting the lockdown much too early and happily sacrificing human lives in favour of the economy. Here in SA they’ve opened the schools … and closed them 2 days later when some teachers tested Covid positive. 😮


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