Linux Mint 20 BETA *EDIT*edit*EDIT*edit* 4 More! Videos!

Guys, remind me please why I recommended Linux Mint for you as the bestest allround Linux distro. Asking for a friend. πŸ˜‰

No, it’s okay, despite me liking Mint less and less it’s still the best of the *buntu bunch, the most complete and easy to werk with. I mustn’t forget this is not for me coz it isn’t meant for me! Fukn elitist Orca bish. 😦


Umm, where were we? Uh, yes, Mint dropped the Beta for version 20 yesterday or so, and since everybody and their granny is talking about it, I thought this ain’t the time to stand back and act as if this is below our honour … eventhough it kinda is. πŸ˜‰

So please have a look at how I fared in this brand new version of an old system. And since all y’all are using Cinnamon, I chose it too:

Installation went like a well-oiled clockwork. As not to be expected any differently from the #3 Top Hit Linux distribution. It really was a breeze. Then came the Welcome Box, which was good and less good. 😐
Fancy and fun, we choose icon colours and light or dark theme. Here’s the light theme …
… but I chose the dark one since everybody and their granny is on dark themes these days. And we can change all that shit anytime we fancy anyway.
Less good: Look at the search engine. You think Yahoo is any less terrible than Google? Fukoff!
But I found Singularity Viewer’s website and downloaded the latest version for 64-bit Linux. Here you see my oldest altsister OhOrca Oh logged in on Orca’s build platform.
Of course she tried on a freebie mesh body right away to appear less n00b-ish in the future. The head is still her old system noggin from a time before time tho, and looks accordingly. 😦

Okayyy, this was just a short look around and prove that we can use Mint to log into SL. I didn’t test any of the supposed new shits, particularly didn’t I look into the Snaps/Flatpack stuff. Fuk it, I don’t even know what that is but I’ve heard as Arch user I won’t need that crap anyway. πŸ˜‰

\o/ YAY! \o/

So, for me Mint 20 looks and acts like Mint looked and acted since years and years already. Nothing exciting apart from the new snazzy colours and dark themeing.

But let’s see what much more cleverer people think and say about Mint 20, shall we?


It’s FOSS:


Linux Project:











No shit, and for realz now: Peepelz, if there wasn’t that confuzzlerizing Snap packs thingamajig and the fukn chapperoning with the backups Mint could easily still be the greatest allround Linux distro on earth. And once they throw out the Ubuntu base and go with Debian instead it will be again. In fact you can have it now already. There is always LMDE waiting, ready for you.

But still, even as it is now, you can’t do anything wrong with Linux Mint. That thing is well rounded and completely stocked with everything you need for a workhorse distro. And it’s easy to operate for beginners as well as for oldbies.

Still … if you are kinda home in Linux and feel like bored and the time has come to take the next step, go and try EndeavourOS. πŸ˜‰


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