Prison: Day 79

Good morning afternoon, dear inmates.

And we’re back into the typical lockdown slowdown/acceleration. You know this mental state, right? I lost all concept of time and date and kinda lost the will to do anything. Because it doesn’t matter, makes no difference. See, after I slept a funky sleep on the sofa, I tucked hubby in bed at some time after 3 a.m. and after that went more or less directly to work at the Linux post … dunno at what time I finished it. Started to watch YouTube until I was  so tired I lay down on the sofa again at 11 a.m. Woke up at shortly after 3 p.m. to a state of total brain confusion … still trying to shake that off.

So what still feels to me like early morning is indeed (16:27) late in the afternoon. 😮


Blllbllblbblll. :/

Okay, morning patrol starts with a look at IOL, our SAfrican news aggregator, and notice the headlines veering off the Covid-19 topic more and more. People are back into reading fuked up yellow press articles like … this!


Ok, it’s something different from the usual corona shit, yes. But come on! Really?

Macassar Beach is a druggy shithole, everybody knows that, and you don’t go there if you wanna live. Most interesting part of that story: They obvsly found a new letter to add to the alphabet gender, the I, whatever that may stand  for. 😐

And this???

Hikers? Teenagers are rarely hikers. I wonder what they tried to do up there? Probably high on ‘shrooms. :/

What fuked up kind of lockdown is this? Why are kidz going out in the mountain in this terrible weather we had the last couple days? Deathwish much?

So let’s better go back to the bodycount, it’s more fun:

Where did they got that 56.5% from? 1,354 of 61,927 makes a much higher number of reconvalescents. Or am I stupid?

Guys, I guess what I’m gonna do now: Muster up all my strength, make my way to the kitchen, all the way to the fridge and get my last piece of yummy melktart. Finally some meaningful activity. 😉

People, stay healthy, stick to your natural gender, stay at home, play with as many Arch Linux distros as you can find and … be excellent to each other.




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