Prison: Day 78

Mørning guys,

just stumbled upon a video, and it pains me to say the fukn coronavirus isn’t as colourblind as we once thought. No, it’s clearly racist … or the modern day equivalent of racism: It discrimates between rich and poor, the haves and the have-nots. Lookywatchy the short video, get some info, and then let’s discuss:

The suburb of Hout Bay was identified by the Western Cape government as one of five hotspots in the City of Cape Town last month. Two red zones were identified inside Hout Bay as areas most affected, Hout Bay Heights and the entrance to Imizamo Yethu, and the numbers are increasing.
For this story and more, visit News24:
Yes I know, it’s quite nice and lush there on the southern side of Table Mountain and stuff. But let’s focus on the virus, ok?
Two hotspots have been identified, Imizamo Yethu (Mandela Park) and Hout Bay Heights. First being Hout Bay’s black township and the latter an area where mostly coloured harbour employees and fishermen live. Two segments of Cape Town’s population who not only have more pigmented skin but also considerably less money than the average white person.
I don’t think so. In Imizamo Yethu, like in every other informal settlement and township, people are living tightly packed like the sardines the fishermen are hunting in the Atlantic. If you knew the African character you know social distancing is nearly impossible in these conditions … and is not even wanted. The concept of Personal Space doesn’t exist in the African mind.
And neither does education about how viruses spread. 😦
Hout Bay Harbour Heights. Not very nice.

Otoh you have a rather affluent clientele of local celebs and international tourists who bring the Covid-19 virus either into the country, or taking it home with them. Fortunately the airports and land borders are still closed for international and interprovincial traffic.

Indeed a hotspot: Imizamo Yethu

I guess most of you might have similar ghettos where you live, no? Or other places of human contact: Harbours, airports, hotels, conference centers, tourist attractions …

Sooo, frens, I can only repeat myself: Stay at home and avoid human contact if you wanna live.




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