Everybody Does AMD Now!

Yes, it seems like Intel’s fallen from grace as AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper chips are outperforming Intel’s processors in every aspect … and for much better prices as well!

System76 loves Ryzen processors

This is all sorts of cool, since AMD is now accepted into the elite world of preinstalled Linux computers. The very much coveted System 76 are using AMD now as well. We’ve seen already ASUS, Dell (?), Germany’s Tuxedo Computers and, just a few days ago Lenovo, selling their Linux machines powered by AMD.

I think that’s a great development as a little competition can never harm and will be in favour of us end users. It’s high time for fat and lazy giant Intel to wake up and show the comparatively small loudmouth AMD its true power … and make better processors from  now on.

The future will be shiny and good and our computers will be superduper fast and powerful … and cheap! 🙂



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