Prison: Day 77

Aloha my dears!

Now the end of the world is finally here:

This is one-and-a-half hour drive from Cape Town, somewhere in the mountains.

Terrential rainfalls and a sudden coldfront, made hubby and me happy campers inside our litte housy. It’s really uncomfortable out there.

While down here at the coast, people got creative: Video


Fukn numbers do still incline, and experts say we shouldn’t expect the climax of Covid-19 before November. 😮

Back under the blanket with me …

CYA tomorrow or so, and keep on fighting!!!




  1. People surf floods here too!

    A couple states have gone into alert status after sudden major spikes in C19. Both states did early easing of C19 restrictions and are surely just the tip of an iceberg.

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    • /me nods
      Mhm.thought so. I didn’t wanna bore you guys with SA news but here freshly re-opened schools are closing doors already. And worse, police and firefighters as well.

      Stay home! Stay healthy!


      • Schools haven’t reopened here in Cali but it I think I read ghat some other states have done so. Students here are now on summer break with plans to bring them back in Aug with them attending on alternate days (to limit class sizes), but many schools have said they won’t be ready. And we could easily be into ’round 2′ by then, or soon after.

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        • … or because of. :/

          But I get it, with the economies around the world going down and both parents having to work to make ends meet, schools are needed as kids storing facilities. They even started the whole-day school system in Germany in some counties I guess. During my school days we’ve always been home between 12:00 and 1:30. That leaves enough time to play outside, explore the woods and gutters, find old WW2 bunkers, get into all sorts of trubbelz, make a nice unhealthy dinner n stuff before the elders came home.

          Nowadays the kids are under permanent surveillance, locked into their schools, where they get sick and possibly die from Covid-19. 😦


          • The concern here is thar kids will carry C19 home to older & more susceptible people. But, yeah.. people are more worried about economics, and blindly believing there won’t be a round 2 or 3 of C19.

            School here is 8:30am to 2:30 or 3pm, often with “daycare” provided till as late as 6pm. I grew up with the same hours but after school clubs & sports instead of everyone being in 1 room doing homework and a bit of art.

            I meant to post, and might still, that kids in Japan are back to school but unhappy because they not only have to social distance but are not allowed to talk during lunch, for fear of spreading virus.

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            • Whoa! Yeah, I know kids in Japan are raised very disciplined and have more hectic schedules than their parents but not talking during lunch??? Dafuque?


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