Exploring Black Lives Matter in the Virtual World Second Life

The old truthiness has become real truth once more: Everything you can find in Real Life, you will find a Second Life equivalent for, too. 😉

Take a closer look at some of the people, events, and experiences bringing attention to Black lives in both the physical and virtual world.
Featured in the video (in order of appearance) are
* Dondallia, founder of “The Black Excellence Project”
* Barb, co-organizer of Stand for Justice
* Aemeth (a.k.a. Cake), co-blogger at Juicybomb
* Jack, co-organizer of Stand for Justice
As mentioned on the Stand for Justice website, there are several events and projects currently underway in Second Life that are worth a visit, including the We Will Be Heard – Black Lives Awareness Event (scheduled for July 4-11), the ongoing art build Walls of Freedom and the aforementioned Stand for Justice event and The Black Excellence Project. There’s also the ongoing exhibits at the Virtual Black History Museum.
Related Links:
* Stand for Justice – https://standforjustice.carrd.co/
* The Black Excellence Project – https://dondallia.wixsite.com/tbep
* Virtual Black History Museum – https://secondlife.com/destination/vi…
I find the Black Lives Matter movement particulary interesting in the context of SL, where the gender and ethnicity of our avies is as fluid as every single player wants them to be. My main and my alts are mostly white females, except that male tiny bunny. But Orca is known for going as a Sino/Japanese too sometimes, even though, as a quarter-jew, she carries some Palestinian but no ethnic Asian genes in RL. Oh, and I also have some Latina and Black skins, as well as a blue alien.
And I play in all forms. And I don’t care about the – alleged – differences, as I am me, all the time, and nobody else. I just wonder why some SL residents make such a big affair of the RL skins and ethnicity.
It is as it is, we can’t change it. We’re not supposed to alter and change what nature and our parents supplied us with when we were born.
Or, ok, we can try but then we end up like misshapen Michael Jackson or the pretender Vin Diesel. Do we want that?
Or, asking myself, am I just too naïve, too starry-eyed for the real world?


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